Induction and Moving in


I am perhaps among those people regarded as impatient. The induction started on time and on the whole it proved as a useful introduction to the whole placement. However, I am certain that it didn’t need to go on for as long as it did. For me, the most interesting things to take away from it all was the booklet we received filled with contacts as well as the introduction to what the company did, in particular the section that I would be working in over the summer.



Centrica Summer Placement Students

It was nice to meet the other student engineers and I am surprised that I was able to get through the selection process at all. We were told that between 2-3000 students applied for all of the placements available (about 70). In the engineering stream there are only 12 places or so, I guess I am rather proud of myself.

The drive to Lancaster was smooth enough, although I do need to look into implementing cruise control into the old Focus, my foot aches after a long drive and as I will be driving a lot, it makes sense to do so.

I was a little surprised when I moved into the place, I had been expecting a fully contained room as had been described in the email I had received from the Centrica team. Fortunately, the only thing that I have to share is the kitchen and as the accommodation is all being paid for I can’t complain too much. 

My room is nice enough, I wish I had more cupboard space. However, I can only blame myself for bringing far too many clothes. Took me almost an hour to unload the car on the evening I moved into Lancaster. My mum (typical of all mothers) loaded me with a ton of food before I began my journey. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit it into the limited larder and fridge space. Surprisingly, this place (Pointer House) is generous with cupboard space. Although this is at the expense of space for pots, pans and plates which are littered on the drying racks next to the sink. 


My room (sorry for the mess)

Until next time.

Thanks for reading.



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